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Individual and Couples Counseling

for life transitions at any age

Are you standing at a threshold, or already on the other side? Perhaps you walked away from an old relationship or stumbled into a new one. Perhaps you are navigating a change in your family - the birth of a child, an empty nest, an aging parent, a job change. Or perhaps you have lost your moorings in a less tangible way. Your sense of self has shifted underfoot; your spiritual journey has derailed.


Any of these changes can signal the beginning of a new chapter in your life. New chapters often announce themselves with a rush of anxiety or a bout of depression. Whatever the life change, it may also trigger memories of earlier experiences or trauma. How you choose to handle these threshold moments will determine the shape and substance of your next chapter.


Therapy can help you navigate the threshold storms, neutralize the triggers, and enter your next chapter with open-hearted awareness. 

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