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About me

My Story
My Philosophy

When you are in the thick of a relationship crisis, or wrestling with old patterns that limit your growth, it helps to sort things out with someone who is not a party to those same relationships and patterns. Asking for help takes courage. Doing one's personal work means feeling the pull and tug of your own ambivalence and resistance. "I want to change; change is good. I hate change; you can't make me change." What therapy offers is a safe and confidential context in which change is possible and within reach.


I bring a holistic, strengths-based approach to our work together. We start where you are, identify your innate capacities, and begin to deconstruct the roadblocks that stand between you and your open heart. Simply by telling your story, you begin to develop compassion for yourself and your history.


We come into this world whole, unbroken, worthy. Since none of us escapes childhood unscathed, we often need help to remember and recover that original wholeness. In therapy you can find your voice again, stumble and recover from mistakes, regain your emotional balance, and make healthy choices for your life.

Over more than 30 years as a practicing therapist, I have learned to listen for the rumble underneath the words. The raw, unspoken language there speaks on behalf of the heart. It represents all you dare not or cannot yet say. Therein lies the seed from which your solutions and answers will come, the very core of your perfectly formed, original self.


To access what writer/activist Parker Palmer calls your "hidden wholeness," it helps to have a simple road map. When do you feel most alive? Most grounded? Who are your other-than-human kin and spirit guides? What brings out your best self?  


I find my wholeness barefoot in the vegetable garden, at the foot of a waterfall, sharing meals with family and friends, nourishing connections with my plant and stone kin. Whenever I am fully present in the moment, my whole and open-hearted self will show herself. Every single time. 

My Training
Master of Social Work, New York University, NY
BA in English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Board approved Clinical Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NC & FL

Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner Training

30 + years experience with adults & adolescents, spiritual journeying, & trauma work. Currently in the certification phase to become a Practitioner of Ancestral Lineage Healing. 

Recent studies include Ecotherapy with Joanna Macy, eco-activist and founder of The Work That Reconnects; Ancestral Lineage Healing with Daniel Foor, Ph.D. (; Intuitive Plant Medicine with herbalist Asia Suler; and Curiosity and Wonder with my 4-year old granddaughter, star child and butterfly whisperer extraordinaire.

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